Cristiano Ronaldo Autographed CR7 Men's Trunks

Cristiano Ronaldo Autographed CR7 Men's Trunks


Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has partnered with APJ on a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new soccer and sports facility at our high school in Port-au-Prince. As part of that effort, he has donated some very special autographed memorabilia that we're excited to feature on the APJ Store.

These rare autographed CR7 Men’s Trunks are hand signed by Cristiano Ronaldo. They’re available in a variety of sizes (but you’re probably better off putting something this special in a frame). Each pair comes with a letter of authenticity from APJ confirming the location and date of signature. Every single item was signed in the presence of an APJ staff member. Check out a video of Cristiano Ronaldo hand signing the items here.

As with all items on the APJ store, your purchase directly benefits our students in Haiti. The gear from this collection will fund a soccer and sports facility at the Academy for Peace and Justice, so while you get to own a piece of soccer history, you also may be giving the world’s next Ronaldo the education and training he or she needs to go to the top!

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